XP-Q260 XP-Q260
XP-Q260 XP-Q260
XP-Q260 XP-Q260
Product Code: 00260
Product status: Hàng có sẵn

XP-Q260 is high end of thermal printer,with trunk cable and wall mountable structure design, Mould good sealing and compact design, also support QR code printing.

  Printing method Direct thermal 
  Print width 76mm
  Column capacity 576 dots/line 512 dots/line
  Printing speed 260mm/s
  Interface Serial+USB+Lan
  Printing paper 79.5±0.5mm×φ80mm
  Line spacing 3.75mm (Adjustable by commands)

Column number

80mm paper: Font A - 42 columns or 48 columns/Font B - 56 columns or 64 columns/ 
Chinese,traditional Chinese - 21 columns or 24 columns

Character size

ANK,Font A:1.5×3.0mm(12×24 dots) / Font B:1.1×2.1mm(9×17 dots)  
Simplified /traditional Chinese: 3.0×3.0mm(24×24 dots)
  Auto cutter Partial
  Barcode Character
  Extension character 
PC347(Standard Europe)、Katakana、PC850(Multilingual)、PC860(Portuguese)、PC863(Canadian-French)、PC865(Nordic)、West Europe、Greek、Hebrew、East Europe、Iran、WPC1252、PC866(Cyrillic#2)、PC852(Latin2)、PC858、IranII、Latvian、Arabic、PT151(1251)
  2D code QR Code
  Input buffer 2048k bytes
  NV Flash 256k bytes
  Power adaptor Input:AC 110V/220V, 50~60Hz
  Power source Output:DC 24V/2.5A
  Cash drawer output DC 24V/1A
  Physical characteristics
  Weight 1.45KG
  Dimensions 194.5×145×147mm ( D×W×H)
  Environmental Requirements
  Work environment Temperature (0~45)  humidity(10~80%)
  Storage environment Temperature(-10~60℃) humidity(10~80%)
  Cutter life 1million cuts
  Printer head life 100KM